Malden set up

This is what I did yesterday while firing my kiln.

First new dividers from card with stuck on tabs, and the front one with some lovely cloud and heart washi tape that my daughter bought me.  And my mini business cards for a show off.

A personal sized Dodo pad diary, I love the format, but I got a full 2013, and the academic one I have in my A5 Malden, so I can plan ahead as I often have to apply for craft and ceramic shows 6 to 9 months in advance.

Standard Filofax month to two pages for my year planner quick look to see what we have coming up, I have the Philofaxy version in my A5.  I’d not seen these Filofax inserts before.

Web inserts, that I’ve not seen before, came with the standard package, but I thought I’d use those, so kept them.  Oh note the green inside dividers rather than the blue – classy eh?

Next pictures of the stickers that my daughter bought me from Paperchase in Manchester when she was there earlier on in the week.

The owl ones are in the clear envelope that I have in the back of the Malden.

Love them all, but the button ones.  Wow, I make buttons, had to have those!  They will me marking craft fairs, and shows and exhibitions.

And the back pocket of the personal Malden, just fits one of the note books.

And the tin that she bought me to put my spare stickers in, and washi tape and ink cartridges, I use fountain pens.  One reason why I love the Dodo pads as they don’t leach ink through.

The new clothes I got for my birthday are a bit skimpy to wear at the moment, ie they are not neck to ankle in chunky wool.

It’s cold out there tonight!

Off to glaze buttons, glaze firing tomorrow, oh and taking out a bath and re doing the bathroom at last!

……… wonder if hubby will notice if I sneak some of my hand made tiles on the bathroom walls…………..


MORE Filofax pictures in the previous post too.

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