i spy Kendal

Today husband, eldest son and I went to Annies at Manchester.

It was to celebrate my birthday from last week.  The food was gorgeous as it was when the group of us from Philofaxy went a few weeks ago.

One day I’ll go for afternoon tea, some one was having that upstairs when we were coming away, it looked lovely.

We called at Staples on the way home, it’s in Manchester, just on Regent Road.  I’m after some round printable stickers for work, but they didn’t have any, but they did have about 4 or 5 A5 sized Kendals.

They are not available on the Filofax web site and are oiled leather and lovely.  I think they were £37 which seemed very reasonable to me.

I don’t know if you could ring and see if they will post them out to you if you wanted one.  I’m not planning to go back into Manchester for quite a few months, or I could take orders.

I was good and walked away, though came away with some Martha Stewart goodies that I had no idea where available here in the UK, and some smiley stickers for my five year old Grandson for when he’s been a good boy.

Us at Annies in Manchester.

Filofax pretties.

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