Filofax week v reality

So lets see what the Filofax says about the week.

f one

Busy, but not that stressful you would have thought.

But this is what this week actually felt like!

f two

I must have been a bit stressed and looked like I needed something to cheer me up as my 21 year old daughter took pity on me and gave me some of one of her Easter eggs, bless.

f three

Remind me never to rip out a bathroom again.  And after fighting with a bath for the best part of 2 and a half days I’m sure the plumber was thinking it was the bath from hell too.

Oh and ask the fridge/freezer if tonight really was the night to break down – just been to the supermarket!

And don’t forget the give away in the previous post, leave me a comment in the previous post and I’ll be pulling the name out of the hat next week.

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