two days work

I bid on a slab roller, but didn’t get it.

A slab roller is for rolling slabs of clay into nice flat thin slabs.  I use very thin for buttons and much thicker for the tile coasters.  It’s quite a job rolling all the clay, and my wrists, thumb and finger joints have been stiff and sore over the winter, and still are into the spring.

I think I’ll have to look at getting a slab roller as I really want to continue with my buttons and jewellery.

But at the end of the woe, here is what I’ve done in the last two days.

Doesn’t look very much really, but there are four or five tiles sandwiched  in between the boards drying flat and a selection of buttons and jewellery on the top.

And to prove I really do work on tea

And is that a peek at something new?


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