6 days to do

It’s six days until the annual event called Green Walk  at Whalley Range, Manchester.

Things have been made, and have been glazed and had their firing in the gas kiln today.

It will be tea time tomorrow until I can open it at the earliest, it takes a while to cool down from 1260°C.

Then decorate, and one more short firing until it’s all ready.

As you may know I did some training as a proper potter, ie one who makes pots.  Though it’s been 7 years since I threw pots at university, and the phrase a bit rusty was an understatement.

So I leapt at the chance to go and have some one to one throwing tuition, and I went yesterday.

The potter is a young man called Dan Bridge.  He looks at pots in a totally unique way, from the point of view of some one with Parkisons disease.  Most of his strength is in his right hand and he showed us ways of centring the clay that placed less stress on the wrists, and other ways to get round limited strength, or sore joints.  I find my thumbs are stiffer and sorer than they were and he showed me how to open up a pot using my fingers which was less painful, and easier than the way I was used to doing it.

Excellent day, and excellent tuition.  Dan is a beautiful potter and his work has an elegance and style all it’s own, and you would never believe that it has been made with a disease in mind.

By the end of the day I was throwing pots with more confidence than I started out with, and I feel much less stressed about sitting at the wheel to throw now.


Dan showing me how to centre using my fingers and pull the clay towards myself rather than trying to push it with the heal of my palm.

You can see some  of Dans’ stunning work here on his Facebook page.

And you can see Dans’ work in less than two weeks at Ceramics at the Mill as part of Craft and Design Month 2013.

And my work will be on show too.

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