Ceramics at the Mill

Last day tomorrow, it’s flown past!

Shall I share some pickies?


IMG_0501I love Julie Miles hares, and so did someone else, Cornelius here is now in a new home.

IMG_0502Dan Bridges cups, so lovely to hold and use, we’ve all been drinking out of his thrown mugs all day.

IMG_0505Daisy flower piece by Julie Miles

IMG_0507Vases and bowls by Julie Miles, sorry it’s a tad blurred!

IMG_0508Teapot, always close to my heart, teapots, by Dan Bridge.


I should have made note of his name, but didn’t, but he’s grand isn’t he?


Tiny, tiny thrown on the wheel forms by Eryl Flyer


Again by Eryl, and it’s incredible it looks all puffy and soft, but it’s porcelain people!


Lesley Ann Greene, this is the look that our old cat Asher has on his face when ever he gets mown down by one of the younger cats, it’s fantastic isn’t it?

IMG_0514And again by Lesley, this gorgeous camel with a crown, inspired by holidays abroad and yes camel riding, which she says is most uncomfortable!

Sorry about it being a tad blurry, it’s a phone picture, but it’s one of my new pendants, and I love them to bits – I’m wearing one I could not part with them all!  Porcelain, stunning glaze and real gold, all on a sterling silver chain.  This one a snip at £24 plus p&p.

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