getting ready for Woolfest

As I write it’s 9 days until Woolfest and I’m getting ready, and time table is being kept to and tasks ticked off daily.

There will be plenty of buttons, plenty of tile coasters, where else do you put your tea when knitting?

And I’m drying some spindle bowls ready for their first firing tomorrow.


Mixing glaze in the gardenMixing glaze in the garden – some times this job is great…


Hand made tile coasters being made


Little hearts


Spindle bowls drying

I've been looking for a turquoise glaze, and I've found one, I already had it.  Peach Bloom Red glaze, but fired in a oxidisatia reduction firing.  It's a copper red glaze that stays green without reducing the air in the kiln that changes the copper.

Test of turquoise glaze


I have four of these piggy tiles, aren’t they sweet?

Quick phone pictures, sorry they are a tiny bit blurry, or it’s my eyes 🙂

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