sheep and sleep

Woolfest was a blast!

We had a great time, so many people, so many compliments, and so many friends who dropped in to say hello.

I looked round Woolfest when I was taking a break, or going on a tea run, but there were many stalls I’m sure I missed.

I loved looking at the sheep, the Teesdale sheep were so lovely, with long curly locks.

So much yarn in one place, and wool for spinning, and spinning wheels galore.

The stand looked amazingly good considering it was thrown together and all very last minute.

Andrew took these photographs, I don’t know when as we were busy all the time the show was open.

I loved every minute, and it was not like work at all, and I get to do it all again at Yarndale in September!

And since………

I think I’ve made up for about three weeks sleep since I got back.

But staring tomorrow I’m going to be re marketing my buttons – ie putting them all on the new cards that I have to give the shop a new fresh feel, and put some new items in there too.

So new photographs required too, it may take a few days, but the shop will be open with a new feel to it in a wee while.



  1. Your stall looks fabulous. So many lovely items to look at. Thanks also for adding a link to my shop in the Etsy Jewellery section. πŸ™‚

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