Harry Potter,  Steam Trains, Computers, Antihistamine, Buttons and a New Wheel.

I think that sums up the past few weeks.

But more detail I guess would not go a miss.

Visit to relatives was wonderful, we were so well looked after it was wonderful.  With temperatures in to the 30Cs the out door swimming pool was used quite a few times.

The Harry Potter Studio Tours near London was amazing, so much detail, and such care and attention taken to every single thing.  Items that might be on screen for a second were perfect, and some items that would just be in the background and not seen at all were made as if they would be centre place in every scene.

The costumes were wonderful, and close up you could see every bead, or embroidery that you are only just aware of  even on the big cinema screen.

I shall watch the films and films in general with much more appreciation to every detail and care that has been lavished on them.

Steam trains was hubbys day out, it was hot, but riding along with windows open in the railway carriages it was cooler and much knitting was done. 

On the way home we went to Bletchley Park, home of the World War Two code breakers.  Amazing to see all the huts and buildings that were secret until recently, and find out more about the codes, machines, and the first computers that were built.  Well worth a visit, we are planning to go again as your tickets are valid for 12 months. 

Buttons, well some are in the shop, and slowly most of my stock is being transferred onto the new cards, which are white, pale grey, or pale blue.  Now it’s the photographing and listing that is taking the time.

Which leads onto the antihistamine, I seem to be a magnet for any flying beastie that bites at the moment and I’m having to take antihistamine.  If I take the mild stuff that works eventually then I’m okay and can continue working, but some days I’m having to take the stronger stuff to get rid of the bites, I’ve three bites that haven’t gone in a week, and that’s with the strong antihistamine.  So I’m on the strong stuff today, so woolly headed and sleep is the order of the day. 

So not much work done and much correcting of type.

My new spinning wheel arrived this week and I’ve already done some spinning.  It really is a dream to spin on.  No messing about with strings and tension and flyers and bobbins.  You just slot a bobbin in and then go.

It really is such an easy wheel to spin on, I can see why it’s getting such good reviews.  Great for a beginner, and yet also does everything a more advanced spinner needs.

Oh dear, head nodding as I type.

Night Night and see you later.













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