Two firings under my belt, and number three to go in today.

But I managed to sleep in a really strange position last night and woke up with a sore back.

And as I’m using Harry kiln, my electric top loading kiln, for this firing I’m waiting for son to come in then he can load it.  I dare not bend over too much today.

Hoping it’s better tomorrow bisque firing tiles in Harry when this lot is out, and pots to be thrown.

Eagle eyed peeps will see that some of the buttons have a crazed effect on the unfired glaze.  I held my breath!  I was using a new under glaze paint that I’ve not used before.  They seem to have stopped making the one I usually use.  But it has all fired well, so I’m pleased and relieved.

And this is one socks worth of yarn I’ve spun.  I shall be knitting these at Yarndale, as well as my usual sewing buttons on cards probably.



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