just to make Mr. Fitch feel better

ok that didn’t go quite right then………….

It does happen.

And to all the best potters, yes really.

But this has to be a classic, all the pots on the top shelf of a single glaze, all welded onto the kiln shelf.

In my defence the kiln did get hotter than usual despite turning it down at the end.

And I now know that the mist blue glaze has a tendency to run when it’s a bit thicker.

Probably a combination of both of the above.

Back to the wheel then.

I do still have some bowls for Yarndale, just not as many as I thought I’d have……………. ho hum…………

oh and Mr. Fitch, he had a handle on a piece do something unexpected today

One comment

  1. Bad news when this happens and it happens to the best of us in testing! I developed a reusable material to protect the shelves when testing glazes out (not bat wash) Saved me hundreds £’s

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