yarndale, WOW!

Wow, Yarndale was mad!    And last night we were so tired.

I realised after we got home that my face ached from laughing and smiling so much.

Once again it was not the sales, though that’s what we were there to do, it’s the wonderful people we met, the hugs from the friends, the chats with the stall holders, and just the whole experience of it all.

I thought that potters were friendly people, and they are and generous and lovely, but yarny people are all that plus some!

The yarn bombing in the auction market was lovely and the entrance hall was festooned with lots and lots of crocheted bunting.  Sorry not got any photographs of it, but just imagine looking up and lots of yarn colour and hours of hard work.

I managed to get some photographs of the stand before we were inundated on Saturday.



And the most wonderful, gorgeous man in the Universe, Andrew…….


And that is Luna Bliss wheel in the background, though I hardly had time to sit down and spin.

Oh and this is what Andrew did early on Saturday morning while I was in the shower………


It was a glorious morning and the light was wonderful on the hills, and when we left for Skipton there was still mist in the dells around the trees, so beautiful.

Will I apply again?

Oh yes please!




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