Managed to get the to the local hair dressers yesterday, my hair so badly needed cutting, though it was tiring and I had a nap when I got back.

Felt better today, sorted the work that will need to go to Glasgow, and put all the things back into the shed, well husband did.

We’ve found out that my Sons fiancée who lives with him and Grandson will be having surgery in just over a week, so I think we’ll be having our Grandson for quite a bit over the next week or so as Daddy is working all week, and saving days for when he can’t work.

Sons fiancee has been waiting for nearly a year to have this operation, so there is relief and a little panic, but I think she’s looking forward to having a much better quality of life after she’s recovered.

So I’ve not really got time to get pieces made, dried, fired, glazed, fired, and finished and fired again in a week, so I’m not going to run myself ragged doing so, some times you just have to let it go, and it’s a family time.

Grandson is going to need some Grandma hugs over the next week, and then after we go to Glasgow he’s going to get some time with our daughter, and he’ll have some Aunty Lynny time.

And what did I bring back from Yarndale, not as large a haul as some people, but what I’ve got is lovely.

Sock cakes


Merino DK weight yarn for me a Chickadee cardigan, the main colour is the blue


A lovely comfortable apron, which I’m keeping for spinning at the moment


Some green fleece, that I’ve not photographed, but this pale lavender and silvery fleece is lovely, and the little basket was from Yarndale too.


Will be back with some lovely news later in the week.

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