triple headed steam engines in the station platform, just thought you ought to know……

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bo’Ness

Glasgow was wet, it rained nearly all the time, but for the few moment there was sun it was beautiful.  We must go back and see it properly and Edinburgh too.

We managed to do some sight seeing on the Thursday before setting up and went to Edinburgh.  We went to The Elephant House, one of the cafes that J. K. Rowling used to sit and write Harry Potter in when her daughter was tiny.  Even though it’s now famous, it still has it’s homely feel with scrubbed wooden tables and mis matched chairs, and wonderful views of Edinburgh Castle and a lovely church yard, though my photograph does not do it any justice at all, it was so gloomy out at the time.

You can tell it had been raining as I have curly hair.

More shots of the inside and outside.

There is lots of lovely graffiti in the bathrooms, and I don’t say that too often, but lots of messages of thanks to J. K. for writing the Harry books and touching so many people.  And this bit of graffi made me smile.

And then a trip to a museum while we were in Edinburgh, The National Museum of Scotland, to see a local steam engine.  It had spent all of it’s 97 years working life near the town where I live, though had been built in Scotland and when it ended it’s working life it went back.  It was lovely to see a piece of my local history in such a far away place.

Also some spinning history including spindles and  a Great Wheel.

There was also a Jaquard Loom, which was the first programmable loom and led to computers being programmable by punch cards, exactly the same method to work the loom.  Here are the punch cards that were used to alter the weft via the holes in the card and alter the pattern.

And of course there were pots, lots of lovely pots, and of course I was drawn to the functional and the Chinese.

And Wedgewood, and ultimate functionality a tiny water colour pallet and paint pots, and a beautiful box to store it in

Sunday was our day off and before we came home we went to a steam railway near Falkirk, Bo’Ness.

And they had three small tank engines in the station all joined together for the final train of the day, a triple headed steam haul!  I’ve not seen a triple headed steam haul before.

Back soon with photographs from the church in Glasgow that husband took.

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! I really like the photos from the cafe window, you can just imagine Hogwarts coming to life there. Just been for a peep at your Etsy shop too – you have some beautiful buttons!

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