…when you get to the point where you realise you are not going to get all the socks knitted before Christmas day…..


I’ve hit that point.

I should get all but two pairs done.  One is a plain pair, so won’t take long, but the other is a more complicated pattern in two colours, so should take a while longer.

I’d rather wait and get it right rather than rushing and getting the pattern wrong.  Also some of the yarn I want to use hasn’t arrived from a friend yet (she lives in Scotland, so is posting it).

Well the tree is up, lovely daughter Lynny came and helped put it up last weekend, well she did most of the work, and it looks splendid.

Apart from socks all the presents have been bought, though not wrapped yet.

I think I’ll be doing some throwing after the Christmas celebrations have finished, I want to do some mugs, and one for Andrew in that lovely, but drippy blue glaze.  He loved the glaze tests I did of it on the stoneware.

But shusshhhhhh, he doesn’t know I’m making him a special mug.







well if he reads this he will!




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