fortnight and filofax

My A5 Malden, gorgeous soft leather in very dark grey

It’s January, so it must be the time that a bunch of mad knitters and spinners descend on a convent in York for the weekend.

Well it’s nearly the time, just a fortnight until I get on a train, with a suitcase and a spinning wheel, lots of yarn to give to charity, and lots of yarn to knit with.

Our annual trip to York was one of the things I put in my new diary that arrived today – yes I must order it sooner next time!  As some of you know I’m a Filofax user and my main Filofax is a dark grey A5 size Malden for those who know their Filofaxes.

I’ve had the Malden over a year now and I love it.

So new diary in, and new planner, and take out some bits and pieces that were not working, I’ve found that a spreadsheet for keeping up with my glaze ingredient stock works better than pen and paper as it keeps tally of what I use and totals for me.

I still have my rolling balance for the business in there, it’s handy for when I’m at events, but also keep full accounts on the computer.  I also have my glaze recipes in there, I also have them in a note book, but as they are a huge part of the business of potting I like to have them in a few places.

The diary is the same format as last year, with a week to a view, and the opposite page for notes.  And the planner is a month to two pages, though I might see if I can get a month to a single page then it’s easier to see at a glance next year.

The diary has everything in, and the planner is to view what’s coming up and birthdays at a view.

I also use the diary on the computer as it links to my i pad, and also to husbands then he can plan his time too round events and holidays.



Rainbow diary, and stickers, the cat ones are their birthdays!


One of my events this year, with a button sticker to show it’s work of course.


Layout and notes page, there are pencil entries, and notes but you can’t see them very well, just a gleam of graphite.


And lastly a fuzzy shot of the planner, but you can see the idea.

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