flatpack and kittens

Well it took three times longer to do the flat pack stuff than we thought, and that was with two of us doing it, mind you only being able to find one screw driver did slow things down a little.

The kittens did a runner the other night, and I ended up waiting to see if they would come in until the wee small hours.  I felt some what guilty as they slipped out late when I should have shut doors, and hoped they’d come back or daughter would be heart broken.

There was still no sign of them at breakfast the next day, even though we went out and called.

Then ten minutes after daughter left for work first Alan, then Charlie turned up.  They had timed it to perfection that she’d have started work by the time I got to the phone to tell her that they had come back.

We did wonder if they’d be able to find their way back as they had only been here a few days.

All the cats have begun to settle down now we’ve finished unpacking daughters stuff and moving furniture around, and they are all getting used to each other.

Never believed we’d have six cats, for a cad mat woman, it’s bliss.

Got some good news this week too, I have another event booked.

Wonder Wool Wales at Builth Wells at the end of April, a big yarn and food show, so plenty for everyone.  Getting something good to eat for lunch should not be a problem.

I am so excited I have two large yarn shows, one large ceramics show, and a ceramics festival nearer to home to look forward to this year.

All the dates and links for details are on the Events page along the header at the top of the page.

Have a lovely weekend.

I’ll leave you with Charlie, and Alan.





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