never stop learning


That is so true, we never stop learning, a word, a song, reading a new book, learning a new technique.

When I was at University there were new things all around us, we learned from each other just as much as from the tutors.  Being a very hands on, practical course it was easy to see what everyone was up to as they sat at their benches, or sat throwing pots at the wheel.  The opening of a kiln was an event that had many of us crowding round to see what new glazes had done, or what your work was like.  Often some one would come into either the work room, or throwing room and say ‘come and look at this glaze’ and we’d all go and see.

it was something that we all took for granted, watching, gleaning information, learning from each other.

But most potters work alone, unless they are fortunate enough to work with in a studio with a collection of potters.  It is easy to get fixed on a problem, and what was a mole hill becomes a mountain.

I was having difficulty with throwing, and ended up loosing confidence, and the more I tried, the less I seemed to accomplish, and soon I’d built a sizeable hill.  A potting friend  wondered if she could help.

So today I went to see Sylvia, and we sat at the wheel and threw.

I learned lots, and the main thing was re setting my brain, and moving my hands anti clockwise by a few inches.  My brain re set, and everything seemed so much easier, what a difference a little fine tuning made.  Fresh eyes could see where I’d got bogged down.

It was great to talk and speak the same language, and as we’d been at university at the same time to chat about people that we both knew.

So batteries re charged it’s off we go again.

The time of year when a bunch of knitters and spinners take over a convent in York for the weekend is nearly upon us.  And I shall pick the brains of some of the spinners as I want to learn a new technique.

So learning again.  It’s what keeps what we do with our hands fresh and new, and exciting.


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