newsletter and stand

There is a new text box appeared in the side tabs, underneath the Etsy button.

It’s a link to sign up for a newsletter.  I’ll let you know when there will be updates in the shop, or where I’ll be when doing shows round the country.

Here are a few slightly blurred shots of my stand at Unravel.  Which was great, lovely customers, and I spent most of the weekend talking to two ladies who were running the stall next to mine.  I must give the company a shout out, they have gorgeous things, though I can’t see my cats being fond of any of it.


Their woolly coats for dogs were lovely, and you can get kits too for you to knit.

Blurry photographs with new items.





I’ll be getting the mugs up for sale in the shop this week.  The yarn bowls have sold, and I’ll be making more, though they will be going with me to Wonderwool Wales at the end of April.

Oh and for the yarnies, the top sock yarn is called Mind the Gap, and I got it on the internet, though can’t remember where.  It’s the London Underground map colours of the lines, socks for husband who is a rail enthusiast.

The turquoise and orange is a self striping yarn from Sparkleduck.



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