Unravel photographs and Valentines

Lots of lovely photographs from Unravel at the Maltings, Farnham last month.

Unfortunately none taken by me, as we were busy knitting minding our stalls.

But there is a shot of myself, Andrea, and Debbie taken on the Sunday afternoon when the crowds had gone.

You have to scroll through the pictures, and keep clicking on ‘Read Next Page’, and we are there eventually.

Unravel festival of knitting 2014

It is great to see the photographs of the event, as you don’t often get to see much of the event you are showing at.

And another link is from the clay manufacturer that I get my clay from at Stoke on Trent, Valentines.

They have a lovely web site with lovely photographs of potters work as soon as you open the site.  But if you look at the bar at the top there is a tab for a gallery, and you will find some photographs of my work.

Valentines Clay

Hope to see you all at Wonderwool Wales, that is coming up soon now.



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