working hard

I’m fully in the swing of things now getting ready for Wonder Wool Wales in a few weeks time.

Clay is drying very slowly in the shed, and I think I’ll have to put some larger pieces in the kiln with it on very, very low to see if I can dry it out a little.

Today I was putting handles on mugs, or trying to.  I’m still finding it a little stressful.  Pulling and making the handles I can cope with, it’s the initial sticking the first part of the handle on the mug that I’m finding tricky.

I’m sure practice will make perfect.


Mugs 1

Mugs waiting for handles.

Mugs 2

101 uses for a cocktail stick.  This is a useful little tool, these get used for lots of things, mainly cleaning out button holes, but they are also useful for picking up pieces of clay when it won’t lift from being rolled, and for scoring lines for putting handles on.

One of these may well be for husband as I did promise him a mug.

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