Ready for Wonder Wool Wales this weekend?

You are all probably more ready than I am.

Unfortunately I have been battling with the tooth from hell over the past few weeks.  I went to the dentist with tooth ache three weeks ago, and had to wait a while for her to give me a root canal.  The pain had been getting worse as I’d waited, but I thought I now had two weeks to finish off the work I’d already made, and get started on the rest of the thrown pieces.

But my tooth had other intentions, and after various visits to the dentist I spent Easter week, and weekend in a haze of pain killers, strong antibiotics, in bed with a hot water bottle pressed to my face.

I went on Tuesday, and the pain has eased off greatly, and I hope tomorrow will be my last visit.

So there is work unfinished that I can’t bring, so no yarn bowls, I just wasn’t well enough to get the thrown work completed.

I will have plenty of buttons, and other thrown work, as well as coasters and jewellery.

This is a late reminder that I’ll be going, because until today I wasn’t sure if I’d be well enough.

So see you there.


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