Been travelling most of the day, our fault really we came the very scenic way home, so tired now.

But we have the pug mill and she’s in the shed studio.  Oh blow it you all know I just call my studio The Shed now don’t you?

Well she’s here all safe and sound, though I wouldn’t let Andew turn her on as I had no idea how many neighbours would come knocking on our door complaining about the noise.

But she was quiet when we tested her out, though we’ve not had clay through her yet.

Tomorrow will be the day.

The journey to County Durham was straight forward, wow have they done lots of work to the A1, it used to be single or dual carriage way and a crawl, it’s now like a motor way.  It must be nearly 20 years since we used to drive down there regularly.

We picked up the pug mill, and then went to Shildon where there is a mini National Rail Museum, had lunch and spent ages looking at steam engines, and a good chat to some of the people that lok after the engines.

I decided on the very scenic route back, that took us off the A1 and to Richmond, and then down to Leyburn.  We had tea at a pub on the market place, and looked round to see what had changed, and what hadn’t in the last 20 years.

Then the most beautiful road in the world, I’m sure it is, the road from Leyburn, through Wensley, past Castle Bolton, through Aysgarth, past Askrigg, and up to Hawes.  I have dreamed of that road along the valley and hillsides and missed each turn and twist, each little bridge and stream.

It was worth the long journey home and it being 10pm when we got in, it was heaven itself.

Pictures will follow tomorrow when I can get them off Andrews camera, plus I’m too tired to battle with computer software tonight.

Night night, sleep well, my dreams will be of the gorgeous Wensleydale.


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