views in the shed

Andrew has worked his magic and put in a new plug socket next to the pug mill for me, and made a bench for it to sit on.  It uses a dead space in the corner, and if I needed more storage I could always have a small shelf above it.

I especially love the Andrew Sharpe Patient Pending Pug Mill Handle Stay.

IMG_0027I have been cleaning and re arranging all my cupboards and shelves, and it’s only part way through being done, but it’s over due to have been done.  While I clean often to clear the clay and glaze dust, it’s not had a huge sort out for a couple of years.  In many ways it’s just evolved and things have just been put in and put where there is a space.  But I need to make more use of the space I have.

IMG_1559The top shelf is the smaller tubs of glaze ingredients, and the shelf underneath on the right hand side is scales, plaster mushrooms, and a box of under glaze paints and brushes.  And where I hang all my metal cutters underneath, it’s easy to see what you have all in one go and it’s easy to put up a new nail, an advantage to having a wooden shed studio.

The rest will be sorted tomorrow.

It’s not the usual pottery studio, as I have little butterflys stuck on the walls and celing, and magazine clippings and works of art on the walls.  I guess it’s my space and I put up things that I’d not get away with in the house, things that are personal to me.

IMG_1554 IMG_1553The top picture is a clipping of Jack Doherty, who was kind enough to have me for week of work experience.  It was after spending a week on one of his courses that I declaired to Andrew that I wanted to do what he did, work from home and work with clay.  He’s one of my potting heroes.

The sheep is an ink and watercolour sketch done by a friend, and I just love the sheeps face.

Looking forward to having everything tidy and in it’s place and I can get on and do some actual work.



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