A new shape, and I just love the way that the glaze has filled in the hollows, leaving the ridges of clay to form the pattern.

The pattern was made by using a small pattern roller, sort of a teeny rolling pin with the pattern hollowed out.  I’d never used these before, and make totally different marks than lace or Indian wooden blocks.

I just hope I can get the glaze to pool like this again, it’s always hard to get the right amount on a piece, too little and there are large gaps that don’t have much colour, and too much and the ridges disappear.

It’s been cool and dull here, and the black dog is lurking again.  I think I’ll be getting out my light lamp early this year and see if that helps.

Count down to Yarndale is on.


  1. HI

    I love that Bird. I see that your shop is not re-opened yet, and I realise you might want this for Yarndale…but it not, is it possible to buy this? (I live in Zürich)

    Best wishes,


  2. Dear India,

    I can let you have this pendant. It is on an 18 inch stirling silver chain, though I can change it to a 20 inch chain. It will be £ 19 or £ 21 with the longer chain being the dearer price.
    Postage to Zurich will be £4.30 .

    I can do the sale via Pay Pal and send you an invoice for the amount if you let me have your email address, you can email me on

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