Yarndale, nearly here

Nearly ready for Yarndale at the weekend.

My lovely friend Sarah, has my decal work in her kiln, firing over night, she’s a star.  She has a lovely studio, much bigger than mine, but I do love my little studio.  Bit envious of her kiln controler, program it in and walk away, and the kiln and firing looks after itself.

I do have some yarn bowls, first come, first grab I’m afraid, as I’ve only got a few, due to kiln problems.  Husband has had a look a wee little kiln, but hasn’t found what is wrong, yet, he’s going to do a few tests on it to see what is wrong and if he can fix it.

I plan on opening my on line shop in October, primarily for buttons to start off with, but I will put yarn bowls on too, when I have them.

Sorting and packing over the next two days, and then off to Skipton on friday to set up.

Looking forward to the weekend, do come and say hello.  We are at stall 115.


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