Yarndale was great, a really friendly show, other stall holders and customers.

It was not the mad panic when the doors opened as it was last year, but we were busy through out Saturday, and had a steady trickle of sales on the Sunday.  But as we thought Sunday was quieter.

They had exhibitor only toilets, and food queue, which helped enormously, especially for single stall holders.

Another great idea were the pens with chairs in for customers to have a sit down, a place to drink their tea, and, as I walked past a few times, a husband cheche.  Three men all sitting examining their mobile phones while their other halves were looking at all the lovely yarny stuff.

Other shows take note!  Yarndale has raised the bar.

We had alpaccas, and the most friendly sheep I’ve ever met, not that I’ve met many you understand.  This sheep was dark brown, and gorgeous, and would stand on the bars of the pen with her head through the bars hoping for a tickle.  She made my morning wanted a tickle as I went in.

Sheepy and alpacca photographs first.

sheep 2

sheep 3And the other side of my stall, as you can see we have a new look, with new tables, and a splash and red, and a revamped shelf unit for the pots.  And the coffee table we’ve had ages, but never used until now.

photo 4I rather like the new look.

Best sellers were the ceramic garlands that are hung up on the red drape, and the shawl ceramics and pins.  My porelain spoons were good sellers too, which I’m glad about as I love making them.

I shall have to make more yarn bowls and mugs as those sold well too.

But once again it’s the people that stay in the memory, the lovely customers, and other stall holders.

Thank you Yarndale, hope we can do it all again in 12 months time.  But I’ll have my woolly socks on both days, concrete is cold on the toes!


  1. Oh thank you, I hope I’m there again next year too. If not a stall holder, then I may just have to visit and see what I’ve been missing.

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