write up Glasgow School of Yarn

It was a lovely weekend at Glasgow, though we managed to get lost to and from the hotel, and to and from just about everywhere, our little sat nav, Percy, just has difficulty with Glasgow.

It did mean that we were running in on the first morning as the doors were open!  But all was good.  And everything was already set up and so I just had to flop and get my bearings as it were.

It was such a friendly show, customers, and helpers, and stall holders.  With it being a smaller show I wasn’t rushed off my feet, and had time to chat with friends and aquantences when they came to the stand.

And we were filmed, not once, but twice!  This is the one with me on, not talking as they wanted local knitters on the interview.  I’m about 40 odd seconds in, just standing knitting a shawl.

Film clip

It’s Citron pattern, and the yarn is The Yarn Yard Comiston lace.

photographs of the stand and knitting of course





IMG_1732the top one is one of the film crew, with the man doing pieces to camera, and I’m knitting a sock

these are at The House of an Art Lover in Glasgow, designed by

Charles Rennie Mackintosh










IMG_1755The Sunday was a day of brisk winds and showers, and when it rained, it really rained hard.  But occasionally the sun came out, even for a few minutes.  It was beautiful.

Andrew had been out and about while I was working, and saw some more of the city and the area and the weather had been beautiful.  It was hard to believe it was mid October in Scotland, even on the Sunday it was a mild day out of the wind.

Already looking forward to doing it all again next year.



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