On Saturday it was a lovely day and I was in York with my husband, Andrew, and six year old Grandson.

First stop was lunch at the Railway Museum, and I then left them there to view the rail engines in peace.

I headed across the river, by the foot bridge attached to the rail bridge, by the Post Office building, and over looked the river.  The sun was shining and the sky was blue, and it was so mild, it was like spring not the first day of November.


In the park children and families out enjoying the sun, plus a handful of grey squirrels, they were too small and fast for me to catch photographs with my mobile phone.

Then to the talk by Clare Twomey.  It was an excellent talk, which started of discussing making.  Not the techniques of making, but why we make.

I must admit that I’ve never put into words why I make what I make, or why I choose to work how I work.  I don’t think I’ve ever voiced it to myself that clearly.  I know I make fuctional work, and the ultimate fuctional piece is a button.  But also my thrown work is functional, from a beaker to a yarn bowl.

Functionality is important as I feel that pottery should be used, it should be enjoyed with the fingers as much as by the eye.  Touching, using, holding, brings the piece alive.

I think I can only make in the style I make.  I have to put a curve on the lip of that bowl, I prefer yarn bowls to be slightly globe shaped, I adore buttons that have areas that the glaze can pool in, I adore pattern, I adore what my glazes do in a kiln.

And create.  I need to create, be it pots, buttons, or a knitted pair of socks.  I realise I’ve always created, always made things from other things.

I’ve not been in the studio for a few weeks, re charging the batteries a bit, but I’ve had to create, I’ve been knitting frantically, even in the car on journeys – not driving of course!  It’s just a compulsion I have.

What do you have a compulsion to create, do you sew, stitch, knit, draw, or design?

Let me know.

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