remember also

Rember also those who fought and came back, and who continue to fight.

Harold Bent 1920-1990 Served in the RAF in World War Two. He was stationed in Penkridge, where he lost a barage balloon that was found in Helsinki when half the city lost it’s power. Later he was at Pilot school in Cambridge, but failed his Navigation part of the course when he was transfered to South Africa. He was in charge of transport in South Africa, before being moved to India and Burma. He drove everything with wheels, and was involved in aeroplane drops with supplies for troops. He was bombed, he was shot at, and had the marks on his neck to prove it.
He was my hero, he was my Daddy, and I loved him.
We owe everything we have to men like him, ordinary men, he was a farmer before the war, just an ordinary man.


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