second day

Day two of enforced sofa hugging.

I thought I was feeling better after watching a few documentaries on the French/British wars in the 1300s, and went off to the kitchen to wash a cup and make a cup of tea.

Well, after being on my feet for a few minutes I was glad to hug my sofa again.  Aren’t viruses just awful?

So back on sofa and reading about #vatmoss

If you have been on Twitter the past few weeks you may have seen that tag #vatmoss

It is to make people aware of a new EU legestlation that hits in January about VAT put on digital downloads.

This blog post explains it quite well.

But it won’t affect me I think, I don’t sell digital stuff, it will affect me as a user, as someone who reads e books, who downloads knitting patterns.

And in 2016 it will affect me more, they want to have VAT on actual items sold on line.

Oh and any one who sells you digital downloads will have to keep your details for 10 years.

I don’t have the space, or the knowledge to do that.

Me, kiln, shed, small house, laptop.




  1. I have seen people write about this VAT proposal – I think it’s dreadful. lots of people make a small amount of money selling their own creations – they shouldn’t have to py VAT or keep details for ten years.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Thank you. Lots of one person businesses will just not be able to cope, and many more if they do bring it in for physical items.

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