highlights of last year

Strange to think of 2014 as being last year.  But it is, and we’ll all struggle to get used to writing 2015 for a few weeks.

This time last year I was looking forward to Unravel at Farnham, not just because of the yarn, and the customers, and meeting new people, but because we were staying at my sister in laws.

We live in Lancashire, and they live in Surrey, so we don’t get to see each other very often, and then it’s just for a short time, so spending some time with them while the show was on was a real treat.

We were treated like royalty, and we had hot home cooked meals after the end of the day, and one evening we were treated to a short concert by my sister in law and one of my nieces on piano and violin. (The niece was practicing, but it was so lovely to have live music going on in the house)

It was a lovely start to the new year.

Another amazing time was at Potfest in the Pens where I was treated as a real potter, not just a knitter who pots.  This time I was a potter who knits.  The seasoned throwers really did not believe that it is easier to knit than to throw.  It was my first ever totally ceramic show on such a large scale, and I loved it.  And I’m delighted to say I’m going to do it all again this year.

My third highlight of the year was spending the day with my gorgeous daughter Lyndsey Rose at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tours.  We had such a wonderful day, laughted, and talked and cooed at all the sets, props, and well, everything.  It was a great Mum and Daughter day, and it was Lyndsey Rose’s birthday too, so extra special.

I’m in the process today of filling in forms for new shows for this year.  Some are old favourites, and some are new and in places I’ve not been to before.

It’s all fresh and exciting.

Wonder what memories I’ll be talking about next year?

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