counting down the days

There are three events that I’m counting down the days to.

Two are work related, one at Edinburgh, and the other at Coventry.

I’ve never done these events before and looking forward to seeing new people and new stall holders and seeing new places.

Edinburgh and Coventry are in March, so a little bit of time to get ready, the details are in the events tab at the top of the page, though I will be writing about these nearer the time.

Much nearer is my annual trip to York.

A bunch of knitters and spinners take over the convent near the Micklegate in York.  Yes it really is a convent, and yes there are real nuns, though they are retired and the convent is partly run as a Bed and Breakfast with a little cafe attached.  As well as bed and board there is a sitting room and kitchen for us to feel at home.  We are also renting a room for the weekend for us to meet in.  Saturday is the busiest of the days with day visitors who can’t come for the weekend joining us.

I think this is our 6th year, and I’ve not always stayed over, but now it’s become a time and place where work is forgotten, I get to chat, and drink plenty of tea and knit.  Last year I took my spinning wheel, but as I’m changing trains a few times this year I’m only taking a small case, so the spinning wheel will stay at home this year.

It’s time for me, and at the beginning and the most gloomy time of the year it’s a great time to recharge the batteries, blow away the cobwebs and come back refreshed.

17 days to go and counting.

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