busy week

Hello, it’s been a busy week here.  The kiln has been on twice, and the first batch of buttons that I made a wee while ago have been glazed, fired, decorated, and fired for a third time.

And today I made more pieces, and the cycle of firings will begin again later on this week.

It is quite a lengthy process, making a button, and it’s something I want to share with you after the next two events that I’ve got booked have finished.

I’ve already started taking photographs to explain what I do and the time it takes.

Today I shall share some of the photographs that I’ve been taking this week.


I do love the bird shaped buttons, and these green leaves are one of my favourite decorative designs

But this one shows the porcelain off at it’s best with a pale blue green celadon glaze

And these came out of their third firing this week

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