Edinburgh Yarn Festival

The Edinburgh Yarn Festival is this weekend coming.

If you are in Edinburgh do come along.  Here is the link to the web site with all the information Edinburgh

I will be there with plenty of buttons, and other work.

The run up to the event has been eventful to say the least.

First my husband badly twisted his ankle, not doing anything extravagant, just walking through the back door.  So we ended up in the local A & E for the afternoon.

Crutches and two weeks later he’s on his feet and back at work.  He did work from home for the fortnight, and quietly I think he got more done than if he’d gone in!

Then our old lad cat, Asher, seemed to be a little poorly.  We took him to the vets, who examined him and then gave his rather serious face.

Asher was in the next day for tests and X rays.  The tests that have come back so far haven’t really shown what the problem is, but there is one left to come.

But Asher he didn’t really pick up after having the tests done, and rapidly became more unwell.  His liver was shutting down, what ever the reason.

We took him to the vets for the last time last night.

He’d had a grand life, loved and cuddled for all his 16 plus years.  He was a special cat, and we all knew where we were in the pecking order, and Asher decided that he was somewhat higher in the order than my husband!

He will be greatly missed.

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