Edinburgh Yarn Festival

It was a rush to get there, I was up sewing table coverings for the stand at past midnight, and sewing the buttons on my jumper at some thing silly in the morning ‘o’ clock.

But we got there, got slightly lost, but got there.  We got all the furniture set up, but not enough time to put the work out, so an early start on the saturday morning.

So up early on saturday, finished setting up, and had a cup of tea before the doors opened.

I managed to have a brief look at some of the stalls on the Saturday, and the amount of wonderful yarn, and all things woolly was breathtaking.  So many really excellent sellers.

I really didn’t get to see many of the stalls as we were busy, which is good.  Lots of lovely customers, and friends came to visit.

We were next to Pom Pom magazine, and a couple of magazines came home with me, as well as a shawl kit from Eden Cottage Yarns, as well as some Blue Moon Indigo sock yarn from the Border Tart.

It was on the way to get a sandwich for lunch that I discovered that there was a seller all the way from Canada!  And some Socks that Rock seemed to call out my name.  There is a cowl and a pair of mittens waiting to pounce out of that skein.

Sunday was a wee bit quieter, but still met lots of lovely people.  It really is the people that make events, talking to the stall holders, and customers.

I must admit that when we finished and had packed up I was really tired.  I was in my PJs and watching the TV with my knitting before 9pm – really rock and roll!

So I got some sight seeing in on the Monday, we went to New Lanark Mill.  Such a beautiful valley, and so interesting to see the mills and the whole community.  Well worth a visit.


Finally got the buttons on my jumper

part of my stand

some of my haul

view from my stand

New Lanark Mill, with roof garden

stunning valley with mills in the bottom

Next venue is in a weeks time.

It’s at the Rioch Arena near Coventry and it’s the P-lush and Alpaca show.

Linky here

See you there, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th.


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