events and cats

Sorry I’ve been quite quiet for the past few weeks.  I found Edinburgh Yarn Festival really tiring, great, but tiring.

And then I was hit by the roller coaster that is known as depression.

I did the event called P-Lush at Coventry at the Rioch Arena with hundreds of alpacas.  The alpacas were wonderful.

And I’ve been struggling since then, I’ve been sleeping lots, and resting lots, and I’m beginning to feel almost human now.

I’ve had depression for most of the past 15 or so years.  I went to college, and University, and got my degree while having depression.

And I manage to work most of the time though I can have rough days from time to time.  This time it’s been longer than that, and doing something every day, be it house work, or knitting, or sending emails, or packing orders is a huge milestone.

It’s been bad enough this time for me to venture to the GP, and I’ve been put intouch with the local mental health team.  I’ve not come across this service before, and I’m going to have some help, when I hit the top of the waiting list in a few weeks time.

So words may be few, and work a bit of a spit and spot when I can.  But I’m determined to do what I can when I can.

The last few days of sun have been such a tonic, and having a few days off totally and just spending time with the family have helped.

Also we have a new member of the family  Meet Rose.

She’s very very timid, and she’d like to come and meet us, but she’s scared to.  Also she’s not used to other cats, so introductions are going very very slowly.

She’s a gorgeous girl, all white, with an amber eye and a blue eye, and I’m totally besotted already, and she’s only been here a few hours.


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