New events

More new events to go on the callender.

Proper Woolly in Devon in May, 30th and 31st.

I put my name down for a place late on, and didn’t expect to get invited to this event, but I did and now I’m hunting for somewhere to stay, and busy throwing pots, and making buttons.

The second event I’ve been invited to is Bristol Wool Festival in September 11th to 13th, and I do have a tad longer to get ready for this one.

And a third!  Yes I’m popular.  Yarndale in Skipton September 26th and 27th, one of my favourite places in Yorkshire, and I’m determined to have a look round properly this year.

Fourth, is in Glasgow in October, 23 and 24th for the Glasgow School of Yarn.

And two family weddings, one of them my sons.  It’s going to be a busy summer.

So exciting!

Now I’ll try and put the links in, I’ll link and remind you of the events as they come up.

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