I’ve been working hard, with 10 days to go before we set off for Sunny (hope!) Devon, for Proper Woolly.

The kiln was filled and put on for it’s glaze firing yesterday, and it’s too hot to open yet, so it’s a waiting day, and wondering if that gorgeous blue glaze has welded half of the yarn bowls to the kiln shelves.

Plenty of buttons, and new ideas that hopefully will have worked, you never know what to expect when that kiln door opens.

So looking forward to seeing a part of the country I’ve never seen before, and we have a full day in Devon after we’ve finished the Proper Woolly event, and then a few days in Cornwall.

Yippee, mini holiday!  We didn’t get a break last year, so really looking forward to exploring and having a few days just to flop and do what we want to.

Back to work, tomorrow, I’ve got some stuff to buy for the stand at Proper Woolly, and then some of the work in the kiln will need finishing off, and then the third firing.

Itching for the kiln to be cool and I can crack on!

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