opps, holiday!

Forgot to let you know I’ve been on holiday, which was fantastic.

It wasn’t long, only a few days, but we were in Devon and Cornwall.  Cornwall just has to be one of the most beautiful places on Gods earth.

We spent quite a bit of time looking round the Leach Pottery at St. Ives, and a gallery with wonderful pots in it, and got to talk to quite a few potters.

Busmans holiday – not a bit, just what I needed, to talk to people who spoke the same language, had similar problems, had all been a baby potter, and had met all the challenges that I am.

We went to meet Jack Doherty, who must have the best view from his front window of the sea in Cornwall that I’ve ever seen.  And as we have been looking for that special pot for two years to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (just passed 32 years a fortnight ago) we were delighted to find one of Jacks pots that we instantly fell in love with.

We were staying with a potter and his wife at Lelant, in their little ‘out house’ rooms that they have for Bed & Breakfast.  Not only was breakfast wonderful, the rooms lovely and comfortable, but we were surrounded by hand thrown pots.  And lots of great advice from the potter, Adrian.

And we are planning on going again next spring, before the events start.

Lots of photographs, all taken in and around St. Ives, Mousehole, and Lelant.  Enjoy.

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