throwing, it’s not easy, you know………..

Throwing a pot is not easy, throwing two pots that are alike is not easy twice!

I have decided that if I’m going to ever get totally comfortable with throwing I need to throw 100 of a shape to get it into my muscle memory.

At the moment I’m measuring the width and the height of the clay as I’m throwing it, I’m waiting for a pointer tool that will put the stopping and grabbing a ruler, that I’m doing now, to an end.

Started yesterday, and did well, four beakers that are some what alike, similar in height and width.  So started today, after turning yesterdays pots, with a light heart and somewhat excited.

The first beaker went well, until I got it off the wheel head, and it was too thin on the bottom.

We went down hill from there I’m afraid.

But we all have good and bad days, and most people only share the good bits, but I’m sharing the not so good bits.  It is hard, and it is a skill to be learned, and like all things worth pursuing it’s not easy.

So I cut my beaker in half and it’s not too bad, it’s even, and yes I could have got it more even, or thinner in places, but for beaker #5 it’s not bad.

So not very well today, but tomorrow is another day, and it’s back to the wheel again.

This time I’ll throw first, and turn my solitary pot last.


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