japanese tissue transfers

I’ve never used Japanese tissue transfers, though I’ve seen them on the internet.  I searched the internet but didn’t find any stockists in the UK, so ordered some from the USA.

I didn’t mind paying for the transfers, but the cost of postage was the same as the transfers, so a bit more costly than I bargained for, and then got caught with customs too!

It would be great for someone to stock them in the UK, and I’d buy more.

So today I was making slabbed dishes for the next event I have, which is Potfest in the Pens in a couple of weeks time.  And decided it was time to use the transfers.

Quick read up on the internet before attacking the sheets with a pair of scissors.

First roll out the clay and make your dish.


Lay the clay over the mold, and I buff with a spoon



  Cut away excess clayIMG_3181

Trim the bottom and put on a potters stampIMG_3182

Leave to stiffen and turn over and turn out the dishIMG_3183

Put in the transfer, printed side down and wet with sponge or brushIMG_3186

When the transfer has soaked for a while gently lift the transferIMG_3195

Pull and leave the image behindIMG_3197

I love the image left faintly on the tissue, you can see how fine it isIMG_3201

I have really enjoyed using the transfers, and will do more as I make more dishes, and other flat items.

The next step is to leave the dishes to dry totally, wipe the rims so they are neat, and then bisque fire to 1000°C. Glaze in a clear glaze and then fire to 1260°C.  Using these transfers saves a third firing, which is good as I can’t fit more than one of these large square dishes in the small kiln as they are too large to place kiln props on the kiln shelves.

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