It has been a tough few weeks since my last event at Skipton two weeks ago.  The first week was spent in a fog of migraines and sleep, and the second in a paralysing depression.

By the end of the second week I felt like I was beginning to dig my way out of the depths.

And then I found out that my brother had been rushed to hospital having had a stroke.

The first 24 hours and the news was sketchy, and we had no idea if he’d recover, and a serious heart complain and him not being as strong or as well as he could be clouded the situation.  At first my Sister in Law thought it was his heart.  With all his medical problems we all feared the worse, and we thought we’d be organising a funeral.

He received excellent medical care and the specialist stroke unit he was rushed to were marvelous.  Our NHS is such a treasure, it creaks and it is cracked in places, but it worked fantastically well for my brother.

My brother is now sitting up in bed, and is beginning to understand what is happening around him much better, and is even regaining his sense of humor.

As you can imagine it’s been such a hard roller coaster ride the past few days, let alone what came in the weeks before.

I have an event in Bristol, the Bristol Wool Fair, Cribbs Causeway, next week.  And I have not been able to make some of the work I had planned to have, and I am running out of time to get it finished.  I will have plenty of work, and will have some new buttons and designs.

I am praying that my brother continues to improve, so I can go to Bristol with a light heart, and look forward to the event.

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