Long time of not writing, I know.  Some is that I’ve been busy, and some that I’ve been ill again.

First the busy.  After Yarndale I had a few weeks to get ready for the next event, and going away to Cambridge for four days.

We went on the Friday, and came back late on the Monday.  Saturday and Sunday were taken up with a throwing weekend with Matthew Blakely.  I learned lots, and was surprised at how much control I had over the buttery clay as I’d not really thrown porcelain since leaving university over 9 years ago.

The stoneware throwing I had done during the summer had taught me more than I thought.

On the monday we went to Ely Cathedral, which was a beautiful and amazing building.  Much to my surprise my husband, Andrew, wanted to go up into the Octagon tower tour into the medieval lantern.  It was a climb, but worth every minute, such views from the roof, and then from the openings in the lantern itself.

Then a pilgrimage to Cambridge to Pembroke College.

Pembroke had been taken over by the RAF in 1942 and used to train pilots.  All we knew about it was that my Dad had said that he held his own against university students and graduates, and that was on a village education in one small school that ended at 13 years of age.

And one photograph.

We went and the two older porters both said that it looked like it was the old Masters Lodge building that had now been replaced.

We went round the grounds, and they were so beautiful, and even though it was a dull day, the gardens were beautiful.  I wondered if the young people knew how privillaged they were to be there and that 73 years ago men the same age were there in training to fight against our enemies, and so give them the chance to be there now?

A busy week saw me packing and sorting all one one day, getting ready for Glasgow School of Yarn.

The weekend was a good one, and plenty of lovely people to talk to and meet again.  It was also my last event of the season.

I was also ill again during these weeks, and while I was not as ill as last time, I knew what medication to take, it has been enough for me to re think next year.

Major decisions taken about next year work wise. I wil not be taking part in any events until probably Potfest in the Pens at August time.  Andrew and I feel that it’s time to have more family time. Also I want to concentrate on my throwing, and new glazes, and new work.

click on the photographs to make them larger


Pot throwing with Matthew


Ely Cathedral






Pembroke College, Cambridge

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