Susan Sharpe Potfest

Susan loves the tactile quality of clay, and makes small intimate objects that can be picked up and used.  Buttons are the ultimate item to be felt and stroked and caressed and used, and to be useful.




cropped-p1000029.jpgMost of the porcelain buttons and jewellery is decorated with printed decal designs, or pressed with lace, or Indian wooden print blocks or lucious glazes.

Mixed Buttons Susan Sharpe



Most of Susans thrown ware is made from stoneware clay and she loves the colour of the toasted clay againt a variety of glazes.

All my thrown work is safe to be used in a dishwasher, and the printed decal designs are fired to form part of the glaze and will not rub off. IMG_9415




Susan gained her BA Hons degree in Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006, and one of her tutors was Alex McErlain, teacher and production thrower.  Susan also worked with potter Jack Doherty during her work experience from university and two courses in porcelain and soda glaze.

Shed 15Susan works from home in a wooden studio in the garden in Lancashire and finds that seasons and the garden influences her work.



Associate member of the Craft Potters Association

              Member of the Northern Potters Association

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